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Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry

5 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews

Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Staff is super friendly. I had never been to a dentist where the assistants stay with the kids until doctor comes by. I thought that was very important. Also, the attention the kids get was WOW!! Awesome dental office will definitely recommend.

- Eva V

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Since the first time that I took my son to this office I knew that he would want to go back , he loves going to the dentist now and most of all likes Dr. Kelly for her calming demeanor towards his " anxiety" . I like the professionalism and the front staff explaining all the charges before we get " stuck " with the bill . I definitely recommend this dentist for all your childrens dental needs . I wouldn't take my little one anywhere else .

- Maria R

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I have been taking all four of my children to Hilger's Pediatric Dentistry and at every appointment our experience has been more than exceptional. The staff is always greeting us with a smile and the kids always get seen on time. I run my own business as well and know how difficult it can be to make sure the customer gets the best care and experience and this office really knows how to do this. All three of the dentists are great and knowledgeable and my kids never have to feel scared to have their teeth cleaned or cavities filled. They really know how to appeal the the child and the treasure box gifts and T-shirts are a great idea. I would recommend this office to all my friends who have children and I feel confident that my children's dental care is in such good care.

- Agnieszka C

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My daughter was three when we joined the Hilgers family she neded extensive work done and had a major fear of doctors. The friendly staff helped her to feel like it was an every day experience. Showed her how every took worked on her finger explained step by step and really helped her to understand that they were there to help. The technology and atmosphere really helped put all of my children at ease. They enjoy going to their appointments and don't give me a hard time beforehand. Our family recommends the Hilger group to all of our friends and family.

- Jodene D

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Kelly and her staff are awesome! It is such a friendly atmosphere not only my kids love the games they play :). We've been going to Dr. Kelly for almost 5 years she is so great with my kids. She takes her time with us and answer our questions without rushing. I am sad that we won't be seeing Dr. Kelly anymore due to moving out of state it will be hard to find such a great dentist again. Thank you Dr. Kelly and staff for taking such good care of my kids 🙂

- Melissa D

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My children actually don't mind going to the dentist and I think this speaks to level of care and professionalism of the staff

- Sujit T

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I have been bringing my son here for the past 2 years, and all the staff have been nothing nut professional, friendly, and above all knowledgeable in all aspects of dental tx!!

- Elaine S

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Patient Testimonials for Pediatric Dentists in Goodyear AZ

“Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry has a very warm, friendly feeling from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out. My son is very comfortable, that makes me comfortable. Love the staff and service! Thanks to you all.” – Shadeki Rose

“I happened to find your pediatric dental office after leaving the gym one day. I came in and was greeted so nicely and have always had the same service every time. Dr. Kelly has always been so sweet to my kids and they have always had a great experience at your office! Our former dentist did not have the nicest staff and I am thankful for finding you that day after the gym!” – Martha Holmberg

“Dr. Hilgers is the kindest, most patient dentist I have ever met. She takes the time to explain thing in terms I can understand. The staff is also just as wonderful. Each time we come in, the staff greets us with smiles. They are a wonderful group. I would definitely recommend family and friends to go to Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry. My daughter LOVES going to the dentist!” – Gina Amore-Reagan

“We love Dr. Hilgers, and her office staff is always so friendly!” – Samantha White

“We have always had a great experience at Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful. They have always been able to answer any questions that we have. Our children love it here as well and always have felt at ease when they are getting their teeth worked on. I would recommend Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry to anyone who is looking for a good pediatric dentist.” – Amanda Hinzmann

“Dr. Kelly took very good care of my son when he really needed it. He was very scared and Dr. Kelly made him comfortable. Now when we come into the office, my son asks ‘do I get to see Dr. Kelly again?’ He loves the office. We always come early so he can spend time in the arcade. The staff and Dr. Kelly are very professional and always friendly.” – Rita Lake

“About 2 years ago, my daughter broke her tooth the first weekend we lived here. It could have been a traumatic experience for her, but Dr Kelly made her feel very comfortable and it ended up being an awesome first experience for her. My kids now look forward to coming to their dental appointments. You know when you walk in, this is going to be a special place.” – Emma Finger

“I just want to thank Dr. Kelly for taking such good care of my granddaughter. She is very special to her Grammy and me. I practiced Pediatric Dentistry in Omaha and Durango for over 40 years. You have done a GREAT JOB! Keep up the good work!” – Gary Vogelsberg, DDS, MS

“I love the atmosphere and the way she makes my son feel comfortable….not to mention the fact that we are called back to speak with the dentist after the work is done” -be it a cleaning or otherwise.” – Lynn  Satterlee

“I appreciate the personal attention, thorough attention to detail, kind, great customer service in addition to phenomenal professional services” – Demetria Elms

“I love the atmosphere she provides for the children. Her staff is wonderful! Dr. Kelly cares about the kids and takes time to answers any questions or concerns I may have as a parent. Dr. Kelly is TOPS!” – Nicole Naquin

“The atmosphere is amazing for my sons. They actually look forward to going to the dentist. I like that I go back with them rather than waiting out in the waiting room. Dr. Hilgers always greets us warmly.” – Kim Nicklos

“The dentists’ whole team was awesome! Everyone made Camden feel comfortable and he had fun! I am so pleased that Camden had a great first experience at the dentist!” – Nicole Grochowski

“Dr. Kelly is great. She has a lot of patience with my kids. She interacts with them on a level they can understand. My kids look forward to going to the dentist which is something you don’t see everyday.” – Ronda Slickman

“Dr. Kelly has a knowledgeable friendly staff. Patients are very comfortable and EXCITED to go to the dentist!” – Julie Maloney

“The office is very inviting to children, and the staff is very patient with young children who are nervous/uncomfortable with having work done in their mouths.” – Jamie Geer

“She is fantastic with our children! The entire staff has a great way of making the children feel comfortable!” – Jennifer Tassin

“Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry is conveniently located close to school. The appointment times are better than the other pediatric dentist. They are very good to Katie. It is a fun environment. The Doctor is very knowledgeable and patient with me (mom). The office staff easy to deal with.” – Karen Burns

“Dr. Kelly treats my children with respect and shows them compassion even if they are crying or fussy she still keeps her cool. I love that my children love their dentist.” – Parent of Lydia Labrada

“Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry has the best technology, is effective and plans for future dental care, the hygienist works well with kids, the billing staff is knowledgeable and explains charges well, …the dentist and staff make the kids feel welcome! My kids LOVE going to the dentist!” – Que-tran Forehand

“Dr. Kelly and her staff are very friendly and excellent with my son. I like that I am able to be part of his experience.” – Kristy Birschbach

“Dr. Kelly and her staff are great with the kids. I have had bad experiences with other pediatric dentists and Dr. Kelly and her staff are by far the best.” – Lisa Lewis

“What a great experience!  Dr. Kelly took plenty of time and explained things to me in “laymen’s terms.”  All of the office staff is so friendly and professional.  Dr. Kelly also explained dental procedures needed in the future.  She also talked directly to my daughter to put her fears at ease.  Thanks for such a high level of professional care!” – Pamela Schaeffer

“Dr Hilgers, thank you so very much. You are both compassionate and brilliant. You are what a Doctor should be. Thank you so much for taking care of my son as you would like your child to be treated.”

“Gina, thank you so much for answering all of my numerous calls and e-mails with a smile. You helped keep me composed and grounded.  I know you put a lot of work in and I appreciate it.”

To the dental assistants from your office who assisted with Xavier at PCH, thank you.  I could tell when you girls saw him in the office for follow up, you truly cared about his healthcare. I also saw pride in your eyes, regarding his beautiful outcome. I am sure your wonderful nature helped bring my son at ease in the OR. Thank you girls so much! Well, God Bless all of you guys, thank you so much.” – Ronda Slickman